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As the name would suggest, you are in the right place if you are looking for an Edinburgh voice for your project.


Wendy Lap is a trained actor, voice actor and voiceover artist with a passion for using her voice creatively. You can find out more about her here.


Please have a scroll through the site, have a listen to samples of her commercial and audiobook work and feel free to get in touch with feedback or of course a booking!



Pineleaf Studios Release New Video Game, Dwarfheim Featuring Wendy's Voice

You can start playing right now using this link:  https://dwarfheim.com

Listen to Wendy as the voice of Raina the warrior builder in this epic new video game just launched by Pineleaf Studios.

“I figured DwarfHeim could be stellar if it actually pulled this idea off, and … well, it is!”

Nate Crowley
Rock Paper Shotgun



So you need a voice for your project?

You don't want something as formal as RP but definitely something clear and relatable. You could do a lot worse than Edinburgh. A lot of Scottish, and indeed English, Welsh and Irish accents can be frustratingly difficult to understand. Finding the right one can be a major task. However, a female Edinburgh voice can provide a natural, clear and attractive sound.

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