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Penny has worked in the industry for five years. Her clients have included BBC Earth, H&M, Bang & Olufsen, Mojang Studios, Coffee Stain Games, Lionbite Entertainment and many others. 


Penny also works as a musician and uses her voice as an instrument. She can work in many accents and loves to experiment and develop characters. She has been an old lady, a child, a zombie, a banana, an American soccer mom and more. Penny can also sound professional and trustworthy, and has voiced campaigns for a bank and an energy company. Additionally, Penny works as a songwriter, composer, and producer, who can create original music for any kind of creative project. 


Playing age: in character, child to elderly. In real terms, mid 20s to 45.


Other Accents: Southern England, RP, East End Cockney, Manchester and Yorkshire, American Standard and Southern, Northern Irish, Dublin, Australian 

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